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800 RITUALS online mints
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A transcendent experience of generative artwork,  generative music, & consciousness

RITUALS is a generative music and artwork project by Aaron Penne and Boreta celebrating emergence, mindfulness, and community. This project binds collectors to the generative work at the moment of its creation by revealing the first 200 pieces individually IRL at
Bright Moments.

This intimate minting experience will be augmented outside of the gallery with catered dinners and tailored music hosted by Los Angeles' top talent.

The music and artwork of RITUALS is completely generative. It provides 1000 unique windows into a single parametric universe, a reminder that while each of us is different, we are also the same. The artwork and music weave an infinitely shifting experience, generated anew upon each viewing, permanently etched on to the blockchain. Generative music system developed by Counterpoint

September 24th - September 26th

Bright Moments
62 Windward Ave, Venice, California




The first 200 RITUALS will be revealed individually in-person (IRL) at Bright Moments Gallery in Venice CA during a continuous 50 hour live minting event.

These 200 NFTs minted IRL will be recognized on-chain with the central role of the collector as a physical being, in a certain space, at a specific moment in time. 

Each mint will be an immersive and interactive experience supported by guides, artists, chefs and musicians. This IRL minting moment will be as transformative as you allow it, and we invite you to bring your whole self for a moment of stillness.

In order to mint IRL, you must own a Golden Token: Rituals Venice (GTRV) NFT at the time of minting.

If you wish to buy a live IRL minting slot to RITUALS, you can do so in the secondary market on OpenSea. Be aware that each token ID has been randomly assigned a time slot, schedule displayed below.


The next 800 RITUALS will be released on ArtBlocks shortly after the 200 IRL mints have concluded.

The community formed in Venice through the IRL experience will come together to release these generative artworks across the world. We will watch the mints as they are created globally, sharing the experience, forever joining us all in RITUALS.


Thursday, Sep 23, 10:00 PM - 2:00 AM PT

Exclusive night with Boreta of Glitch Mob for GTRV holders at Townhouse
52 Windward Ave Venice, CA.

Friday, Sep 24, 4:00 - 7:00 PM PT

Prior to minting, we will host a late afternoon meal on the Windward Ave patio for the 200 GTRV holders. Food by Travis Lett (Gjusta, Gjelina, MTN) and music by Carlos Niño.

Friday, Sep 24, 5:00 PM - Sunday, Sep 26 7:00 PM PT

The continuous series of 200, 15-minute live minting experiences begins Friday at 5:00 PM for GTRV holders.

During each RITUALS session, participants will have an opportunity to set their intention and surrender themselves to an original audio / visual NFT experience that is generated and revealed in the gallery. The goal of this experience is to provide a moment of stillness and mindfulness.

Each participate will receive their ArtBlocks RITUALS NFT during their scheduled minting session. We ask everyone to bring something meaningful to them, and set it on the collective altar for the weekend. There will be tea and fruit available for participates in the gallery, and light food and drinks for participants and their guests on the patio.

Sunday, Sep 26, 7:00 - 10:00 PM PT

Upon the final mint, we invite all participants to reconvene on the Windward patio to release the following 800 RITUALS as one interconnected community. These 800 NFTs will be minted in real time by others across the world.

We will close out the inaugural RITUALS experience with food by chef Travis Lett and music by Carlos Niño.



What makes the RITUALS NFT experience so special?

Each ticket holder will be invited to experience their mint revealed in an immersive way. There will be a focused and comfortable setting, focused on the visual artwork and surrounded by a professional sound system. Each person will have time to privately absorb and experience their new artwork with the highest quality technology powering it.

Is this an Art Blocks project?

Yes, RITUALS is an Art Blocks Factory project. It is an artist collaboration between Aaron Penne and Justin Boreta.

What will the RITUALS NFTs look like?

We will be keeping the work as secret as possible until the first IRL mint. Here are two links to get sense of the universe:

Boreta on SPOTIFY

Do I need to attend all the weekend events?

No, but we would love to have you join us through-out the weekend as time permits. The most important event is your scheduled minting time.

What do I bring for the altar offering?

We ask that you bring any small and meaningful offering for the altar, this could be nothing more than a flower from a garden or a small object that aligns with the intention you have set for the weekend.

Is there a recommended dress code?

No dress code, but keep in mind it gets chilly at night in Venice so you'll probably want to bring layers or wear long sleeves / pants. Other than that, feel free to express yourself.

Will there be vegan or plant based food options?

Yes, of course, this is Venice after all.

Is there parking at the gallery?

Unfortunately the gallery doesn't have a dedicated parking lot, but there is free street parking and few paid parking lots nearby.

What are the Covid-19 safety precautions?

Your health and safety is very important to us. We will require everyone to wear a mask upon entry to the gallery and we appreciate your adherence to these guidelines. If you're feeling sick or feverish, please head home and get some rest.

Will the weekend events be photographed?

Parts of the weekend will be documented by professional Bright Moments photographers and videographers to capture the moment. The IRL minting sessions will be kept private for the participants.

How can I contact the event organizers?

You can find us in the Bright Moments Discord server or by emailing us at events@brightmoments.io.

IRL Minting

How do I mint one of the 200 IRL NFTs?

In order to mint IRL, you must own a Golden Token: Rituals Venice (GTRV) NFT at the time of minting. If you wish to buy a live IRL minting slot to RITUALS, you can do so in the secondary market. See the GTRV collection here.

When do I mint my RITUALS NFT?

Each participant has been assigned a 15 minute minting session that is tied to your Golden Token: Rituals Venice (GTRV) token ID. You view your assigned minting time here.

Please plan to arrive at least 1 hour before your scheduled minting time to make sure we stay on-time and on-track.

What do I need to mint my RITUALS NFT?

In order to mint you at your scheduled time, you must have your Golden Token: Rituals Venice (GTRV) NFT in an Ethereum (ETH) wallet, such as MetaMask, that you own. 

You will need access your ETH wallet at the gallery in order to mint the RITUALS NFT. We recommend using a ETH wallet on your mobile device, but you are welcome to bring your laptop. Be sure that wallet has ETH for gas.

Does it cost anything to mint my RITUALS NFT?

Yes, in order to mint you will need to pay the Ethereum (ETH) network costs (gas) required to mint your RITUALS NFT through the Art Blocks smart contract. Since blockchain network costs can vary dramatically through-out the day, we recommend coming prepared with at least $500 to $1000 in your ETH wallet.

Can I mint IRL more than once?

No, you are only allowed to mint one IRL RITUALS NFT. Even if you own two separate Golden Token: Rituals Venice (GTRV) NFTs, each person is only allowed to mint once.

What if I miss my IRL minting appointment?

We hope you don't! Treat this experience like an event that you have an entrance ticket to. If you miss the event, your entrance ticket isn't redeemable after the event has happened. In other words, your Golden Token: Rituals Venice (GTRV) NFT is only useable at the scheduled mint time found here

How was my minting time assigned?

Your minting time was chosen randomly. The script was written by Aaron Penne personally and is determined by fate, much like the generative art mints. You can watch the process here: https://streamable.com/zpv649

Can I change my assigned minting time?

Yes, you will need to swap your Golden Token: Rituals Venice (GTRV) NFT with another holder to have a token ID that maps to a desired minting time. The full minting schedule can be viewed here: 

If you plan to swap your GTRV with another holder, we recommend using Bright Moments Discord sever to coordinate swaps using a tool like https://sudoswap.xyz/.

We are not responsible for the loss of your GTRV token through trading, so please please please be careful. Under no circumstances should you send your ticket directly to someone you don't know. Please remember to NEVER accept unsolicited DMs or to click on links that have not been vetted by the team.

Can I combined sessions into a group mint?

Unfortunately due to the technical logistics to deliver this experience, we are no longer offering this as an option.

Online Minting

How will the dutch auction work?

Project Conversations: aaron-penne
Start Date/Time
: Sunday Sept 26 at 9:30PM CT - Sunday, September 26, 2021 7:30 PM Local Time
Total Mints: 1000
Drop Mechanic: First 200 IRL. Remaining 800 Dutch Auction online.
Mint Price: Starting price of 20ETH, resting price of 0.2 ETH. Price reduced every 5 minutes.
Pricing Tiers: 20 > 15 > 12.5 > 10 > 8 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3.5 > 3 > 2.5 > 2 > 1.5 > 1 > 0.5 > 0.2
1 mint per wallet limiter (ON/OFF): ON
Charity Info: 25% of proceeds will be divided via Endaoment.org to charities selected by Aaron Penne, Boreta, and the Bright Moments DAO. Causes include A Walk on Water, the Alan Watts Foundation, Planned Parenthood, local LGBTQ+ organizations, and supporting emerging generative artists.